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November 30th 2015: Chevron -- the Amazonas Chernobyl
"Our health has been damaged seriously by the contamination caused by Texaco. Many people in our community now have red stains on their skin and others have been vomiting and fainting. Some little children have died because their parents did not know they should not drink the river water."

Excerpt: Affidavit of the Secoya tribe given by Elias Piaguaie -Aguinda, et al v. Texaco Inc. - Case 93-CV-7527.

Venue: Orange bar, the cafeteria of Green City Energy. It is located at Zirkus-Krone-Str. 10, Munich.

Short Info

Link to the event via Oekobuero

Link to the event via Pro-Regenwald

November 13th 2015 - next MAKE-SOME-NOISE!

Please come in great number to Glockenbach Werkstatt (Blumenstr. 7) on Friday, November 13th!

Refugees welcome!

Enjoy with us


The Satanic Mechanics

Thunder and Blitzkrieg

October 24th, 2015 - Diving Bell!!
Sewolho München is pleased to present the documentary, "Diving Bell" about the Sewol ferry tragedy that ocurred last year in South Korea, and a panel discussion on human rights violations with Amnesty International Korea coordinator (Hans Buchner), filmmaker (PARK Minsu), German journalist (Felix Lill) who has written reports on the tragedy and BAEK Gayoon, activist from Seoul, and coordinator of "Coalition 4.16 of the Sewol Ferry Disaster": a coalition of victims' families, civil society organizations, and individual supporters. It will be moderated by Simon Hauck, film journalist and programmer at DOK.fest and Filmfest München.

On April 16, 2014, the Sewol ferry sank off Korea's southwest coast leaving many citizens of the country seriously traumatized. A simulation study done by a university research center reveals that everyone on the ferry could have been saved within ten minutes with a proper rescue operation, yet, the local government authority did not make a serious effort to save them and 304 passengers, most of them high school students, perished in sight of their families.

There have been a lot of unanswered questions concerning the reasons for the failure of the ferry company and the authorities to rescue them. Many people suspect foul play. Ever since, victims' families and their supporters have taken to the streets to demand a transparent and thorough investigation. Unfortunately, the local authorities have responded with police brutality, spying on, imprisonment of those who are demanding the truth. There have been numerous protests in Korea and in many major cities around the world such as New York, LA, London, Paris, Sydney, Tokyo, Berlin and Munich. This is definitely an unprecedented phenomenon after the fall of military dictatorships in South Korea in 1980s. Currently, some human rights activists are in prison in Seoul for organizing protests and commemorations of the first anniversary of the catastrophe.

Further info, see: webpage
October 23rd, 2015 - next MAKE-SOME-NOISE!

Thank you all for making this awesome concert night become a real success at Glockenbach Werkstatt on Friday, October 23rd!

Enjoy with us

The Black Submarines

So Not Seventy

Liquid Meat

It will be a heavy rock night for a change :)

We would like to advertise on behalf of Alice: Take action for refugees (Sept.8th,9th,10th)
...colecting warm cloth & helping to sort it! Info see facebook page: Donations for Roeszke Refugee Camp
We would like to advertise on behalf of Nicole: Intercultural Picnic (Sept.17th)
Taking place on Sept. 17th, 7 to 10 pm, Odeonsplatz! Further info see facebook page: Peace of Cake
Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazine of August 27th, 2015
...created by Service Plan:

June 27th 2015 - next MAKE-SOME-NOISE concert!!!
Venue: Glockenbach Werkstatt (Blumenstr. 7).

We enjoyed:

the Jetlights,

the RollerCoStars and

the Escalateurs!

Further dates are: October 23th,

May 17th, 2015 - Munich Streetlife Festival
Thank you for your signatures at the Amnesty stand during the Munich Streetlife Festival .

March 26th, 2015 - MAKE-SOME-NOISE concert !
A joint Make-some-noise concert -- where you can not only hear a lot of awsome music, but also meet amnesty members from different groups -- will take place on March 26th in Cafe Cord with Rapid, Tula Troubles and the Balkanauten.

October 12th, 2014 - Munich Marathon

June 13th, 2014 - MAKE-SOME-NOISE concert
Thanks for attending the make-some-noise concerts [Facebook page] organized by our group in the Glockenbachwerkstatt (Blumenstr. 7). \ We enjoyed Getting Private in Public, Plug-in as well as Lisch Kapelle.

March 14th and May 9th, 2014: MAKE-SOME-NOISE concert
A cordial thanks to all those who enjoyed with us KARABA and PRODUCTIONERROR (experimental rock) at Glockenbachwerkstatt and supported Amnesty International's human rights work through their ticket, donation or signature. We apologize for the absence of Naked Superhero and wish their ill member a speedy recovery!
July 31th, 2013 - 'Zimbabwe election: real-time monitoring' on Odeonsplatz from noon to 8pm
An opportunity for all Munich citizens to join us in Odeonsplatz to support free and fair elections in Zimbabwe, or alternatively by sending us a message on Twitter.
We set up a real-time monitoring of the election process in Zimbabwe in order to promote fair elections and eventually report of human rights violations. This is combined with the intention of fostering the Harare-Munich partnership and therefore inform the Munich citizens about this initiative and the partnership more in general. The event took place in the form of a real-time monitoring using a several meters tall LED-tower where displayed the messages (mostly from Twitter, social media, news agencies and personal reports from people in Zimbabwe).
December 5th 2012, 19:30 - 'Guerrero needs Peace' - Eine Welt Haus, Schwanthalerstraße 80, 80336, München, 'Großer Saal'
A presentation by the mexican human-rights lawyer Vidulfo Rosales. In spanish with german simultaneous translation. Entrance free.
The drug war in Mexico has cost over 90 000 lives in the last 6 years. The mexican state of Guerrero with its capital of Acapulco is nowadays less well known as a holiday paradise than as the scene for brutal power struggles between drug cartels and political rivals. Our speaker Vidulfo Rosales is a lawyer for the human rights center Tlachinollan in the mountain region of Guerrero. Because of death threats he must often leave the country.

On 1st December a new President takes office in Mexico. What does this change of power mean for the mexican people? What does it mean for the residents of Guerrero?

A presentation by Pacta Servanda e. V. and the LAK of the Nord-Süd Forums. With the support of Amnesty International.
November 22nd 2012 - 'Robert Mugabe ... What Happened', Filmmuseum, Munich, St.Jakobs-Platz 1, 19:00. Entrance €4,00
The Munich premier of the award-winning documentary, followed by a discussion with the author.
In original english with german subtitles.
The film charts Mugabe’s Shakespearean rise and fall, his building of a successful African country and then destroying it. Damned as a terrorist, knighted by Queen Elizabeth and then suspended from the Commonwealth, Mugabe’s still in power after 30 years. Championing black majority rule in Rhodesia with 15 years of guerrilla war, Mugabe won the first democratic election in Zimbabwe in 1980 bringing his party ZANU PF to power. After a seemingly promising start, improving education and introducing health clinics in rural areas, and the massive development of peasant agriculture, the film shows the apparently warm and charismatic leader gradually unleash his darker side – land invasions, mass massacres and genocide follow, and lacking faith to win an election by fair means, Mugabe resorts to violence and terror to resume power every time.
July 2012 - Invisible Victims: photo exhibition, presentation and documentary films about migrants on their route through Mexico
Since 2009 Amnesty International has documented the alarming pattern of abuses against irregular migrants in transit through Mexico, particularly Central Americans, attempting to cross Mexico in order to reach the border with the US. In April 2010 Amnesty International published the report Invisible victims - migrants on the move in Mexico documenting systematic abuses against migrants. The report demonstrated the particular vulnerability of migrants, especially women and children, to abuse and their lack of access to justice, remedy or protection.
Daily 1st July – 31st Juli 2012 The Latin America Working Group presents the AI Exhibition Invisible Victims in the Eine-Welt-Haus.

Sunday 1st July 2012, 17:30 – 18:00 Vernissage for the Exhibition with Wolfgang Grenz, spokesman of the Amnesty Ko-Group for Mexico Central America in Hamburg.

Sunday 1st July from 18:30 Exhibition starts, with Elizabeth Martinez (Pacta Servanda e.V.) and the mexican Journalist Ana Lilia Pérez who herself has been persecuted because of her work.

Tuesday 3rd July 2012, 20:00 Showing of the documentary film Attack On The Dream/Asalto al sueño from Uli Stelzner about the dangerous journey of the migrants through Mexico to the USA.

Friday 6th July 2012, 20:00 Showing of the award-winning documentary film De Nadie from the mexican director Tin Dirdamal which accompanies the migrant Maria from Honduras on her journey to the USA (original with german subtitles).

Eine-Welt-Haus Schwanthalerstraße 80, 80336 München
Videos from Amnesty International highlight world-wide executions
In order to commemorate the 69th anniversary of the conviction and execution of the members of the "Weiße Rose" in 1943 (the brother and sister Hans and Sophie Scholl were the most prominent members of this resistance group against the National Sozialists) a number of Munich's prominent politicians and celebrities added their condemnation of the use of the death penalty world-wide.
The short films were shown in cinemas across Munich and at the the premier which included the bands Blumentopf, Colour Haze and Antun Opic in the Atlantis Cinema in Schwanthaler Straße.
The campaign was supported by Munich's mayor Christian Ude, as well as a large number of local celebrities from film, television and sport, many of whom can be seen and heard in the films.
Click on these links to view the films online Injection and Gallows.
7th January 2012 - Amnesty Internation Make Some Noise concert at Feierwerk
The bands IRONKID, GRAVITY LOST, and MoskovSKAya are playing live. Click on the image above for the YouTube trailer
Concert starts 20:00 at Feierwerk, Hansastraße 39 - 41, 81373 München. Entrance €12 at the door
Higher resolution videos (zipped MOV format) are available for download as 12MB MOV or 60MB MOV
8th May 2011 - Benefit Gala to celebrate the 50th anniversay of Amnesty International.
Thank-you to all the artists and volunteers who made this such a successful event. Read more here.
If you read German, more information and videos are available on the AI50 Blog.
Jestina Mukoku
Jestina Mukuko, a Zimbabwean human rights activist, visited Munich recently and gave a talk about her experiences of mistreatment in Zimbabwe and the status of human rights in general. Below are 2 links to an audio recording of her visit as well as a PDF with background information on Jestina. Note that the audio recording is over 70MB in size, and it is recommended that both files should be saved to your local hard-disk before opening.
PDF with background information
WAV file recording of her talk (WAV format)
WMA file recording of her talk (Windows Media format).